Psychotherapy and Naturopathic Medicine for Mental Health

I am a psychotherapist and naturopathic physician specializing in mental health.

In addition to offering ongoing psychotherapy, as a physician I utilize an array of treatment modalities to balance the nervous system, promote healthy brain chemistry, and address physiological issues that affect mental health.

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Dr. Katharine Fitzpatrick, ND

I completed my undergraduate work at New York University and hold a doctoral degree in Naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University, with a particular focus in psychotherapy and the often-overlooked, whole-person foundations of mental health.

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The right psychotherapy relationship is often a vital step towards improved mental health. While my style is warm, engaging, and supportive, I also believe in constructive challenge to encourage insight and growth.

The fit between therapist and patient is difficult to predict. The best way to gauge the fit is to schedule a brief consultation.

I welcome you to do so.

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Medication Management

When indicated, for ongoing psychotherapy patients, I offer medication prescribing and management for the treatment of anxiety and depression.

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Naturopathic Treatment of Mental Health

Naturopathic approaches to anxiety and depression look to the foundational elements of health to address symptoms. Basic areas include supporting brain chemistry, improved sleep, movement, and nutrition - foundational and all-too-often overlooked underpinnings of emotional balance.

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